Depot Demonstrations

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Staytite offer depot demonstrations of the Hardlock Nut on Fishplates.  To book your demonstration call 01494 462322.

Scroll down for more information about an easy-to-use kit from the Fish Plate Joint Alliance for upgrading your Fish Plates and also videos showing how easy it is to fit the Hardlock.  Still not convinced?  A test comparison video below will show the effectiveness of the Hardlock Nut!

Hardlock Nuts on Axle Counters

The Hardlock Nut is now certified for use on Frauscher axle counters, offering a number of advantages:

  • The application requires the chosen locking nut to operate at a 200Nm clamp load

  • Superior resistance to loosening by vibration

  • The Hardlock Nut is reusable, tested to 50 times with no loss of performance

Fish Plate Joint Alliance

An innovative all-in-one solution for upgrading Fish Plate Joints.  Made up of three approved partner products from Interflon, Selectequip and Staytite.  Get in touch for more information!

  • 97.5% reduction in maintenance time

  • 100% Fuel Free

  • Zero consumables required

  • Zero costs for plant and equipment incurred

  • Can be delivered by just 1 person

Image of the Fish Plate Joint Alliance Kit

Night Fitting the Hardlock Nut

The Hardlock Nut is already approved for use and deployed extensively across the UK rail network, improving safety and reducing maintenance costs.  This video shows how easy the Hardlock is to fit, even at night!

The Hardlock Nut is Proven to Resist Vibration

The video shows a Junkers test bench performing the DIN 65151 test with analysis comparing a Full Nut, a Nylon Insert Nut and the Hardlock Nut.  It is clear that the Hardlock Nut is the superior fastener to use when it is critical to resist loosening by vibration.