The HARDLOCK Nut is used extensively for a wide range of applications and can be used almost any environment

Flanged Hardlock Nut

The HARDLOCK Nut produces stress both in the direction of the axis and in a direction perpendicular to the axis. Firstly, the convex fastening nut generates axial torque in the same way as a normal nut.  Then, as the concave lock nut is tightened, the wedge effect generates stress perpendicular to the axis, which pushes the convex nut against to the screw thread. When the concave nut is completely tightened, the HLN produces a stable self-locking force with the result that it remains unaffected by the external vibration or impact.

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The HARDLOCK Bearing Nut is a locknut for roller bearing use developed by HARDLOCK Industry based on the same wedge effect principle utilized in the HARDLOCK Nut.  Without making any modifications to the specifications of the machines or structures in which it used, the HARDLOCK Bearing Nut provides a strong self-locking performance even under the toughest environmental conditions.

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The HARDLOCK Set Screw.  In making comparisons between the HARDLOCK Set Screw and conventional fixing screws, factors such as the need for post-installation maintenance, costs stemming from subsequent loosening and inspecting difficult to reach places must be taken into account. When using the HLS, there is no need to consider these problems, which adds up to a significant reduction in overall costs.

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The HARDLOCK Nut and its variants are available in many sizes which may not be listed here.  Please contact us if you have specific requirements.